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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I take my car to any shop I choose?

Yes. It's your car—it's your choice. Under state law it is illegal for your insurance company to demand where you have your vehicle repaired . Sometimes companies will tell you that you'll be responsible for any additional repairs if you don't use the shop they suggest. Often these insurance companies are trying to get you to use a shop where they receive a discount. While this is not always a bad thing, make sure you choose a shop that has your best intrests in mind while offering your insurance company competitive pricing. Always take your vehicle to a shop you trust.

What are recycled parts?

Recycled parts (also called used parts or salvage parts) are those that come from previously wrecked automobiles. For example, if a vehicle has a front-end collision and is totaled by the insurance company, the salvage companies can buy it at auction. The doors, deck lid, and rear bumper covers will in most cases still be in good condition. If you choose to save money by using a recycled part, we carefully inspect them when they arrive at our shop to insure there is no damage that would diminish their value when used in your vehicle. Sometimes insurance companies will specify recycled parts. While some people feel this is not right, the insurance company's responsiblility is to get your vehicle back to the condition it was before the accident. If you have a 4-year old car, it makes sense for them to replace it with a part that came off of a 4-year old car.

If I bring my car to you, can you save me some or all of my deductible.

We cannot save your deductible but can offer assistance in some cases.  Stop by and talk to our staff and we can see what options are available for you to get you back on the road.   

I already have an insurance estimate. Can you repair my car for less and save me money?

We will answer this in 2 versions.  

Version # 1 If your car has light cosmetic damage ,no hidden damage and your check is made out directly to you . This approach will work fine and is not an act of fraud.

Version #2   Let's assume you have a front-end collision and the bumper, fenders, and hood are damaged. To save you money you agree to accept a recycled hood and fenders. Then when our technician begins the work and opens the hood, he discovers that in addition to the visible damage, the radiator and radiator support are damaged. this can leave you responcible for additional repairs . Most companies require all parts invoices if additional damage is found. If instead we work directly from the insurance adjuster's estimate, we can present the cost to repair the additional damage to the insurance company in the form of a supplement. Upon their approval (which may require an additional inspection by the adjuster or submitting photos), we can make the additional repairs and the insurance company will pay for them.

What are remanufactured parts?

Some companies take certain used factory parts (for example, bumper covers or wheels), make any necessary repairs, strip off the paint, and prime the parts. They then sell these parts back to body shops as remanufactured oem or reconditioned parts.

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